Points of Difference

Edu School Tours began in 2004 and is Australia’s official Space Camp Ambassador with over 15 years experience. This recognises Edu School Tours long-standing relationship with Space Camp, their knowledge and expertise of the Space Camp processes. An Edu School Tours representative travels to the US every school holidays and is always at Space Camp when Edu School Tours schools are there.

Each itinerary is unique. Our schools travel all over the United States to complement the week at Space Camp. The most popular destinations being Boston, New York, Washington, Orlando, Houston, Boulder, Truth and Consequences, San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco.
Space Camp and USA STEM itineraries are our speciality. Edu School Tours is not a large corporate organisation that arranges student tours all over the world. Edu School Tours is a privately run organisation that excels in services and standards. We create, co-ordinate, implement and execute tours on a bespoke basis. Working relationships with schools and lead teachers are strong and long-standing, as we have many schools repeating a tour with us every two years or less. Very high levels of mutual respect and trust are paramount to our ongoing success and reputation.
During the lead up to departure, the Edu School Tours team are available to teachers, parents and students for what is often a high volume of questions, queries, concerns. Emails are responded to promptly, if not immediately. Our hours are long and flexible – we do not operate on a 9-5 basis. Weekend and evening assistance is common, and the reception is friendly, helpful and confident.
Edu School Tours is familiar with the Dept. of Education’s policies on International Tours, having co-ordinated many Space Camp trips for Australian schools – public, private and independent. We understand and appreciate the significance of the Risk Assessment document, and are aware of the detail involved in compiling such an important legal document. Edu School Tours can assist with the compilation in template form, and also provide the relevant Certificates of Currency.
Edu School Tours also has over 20 years of strong relationships with airlines and are skilled in dealing with flight/itinerary logistics. Sometimes, schedules can change, and we are very experienced in dealing with delays/cancellations/detours.