school tour Testimonials

I think it is impossible to over-hype how amazing Space Camp is.

Our students had a wonderful time that inspired them to “Do daring things”. They have returned home filled with memories of fun and challenging events shared with their friends.

I forgot to thank you for arranging this in such a professional manner. Your calm and knowledgeable approach helped us run two successful camps, while knowing that so much has been taken care of. Looking forward to SC3 in 2019.

Teacher (Victoria)

Absolutely bloody amazing!
Teacher (Western Australia)

Lucy Fenwick and her team from Edu School Tours have organised two USA Science and Technology Tours for us. On both occasions, their extensive knowledge, insight and professionalism have been outstanding. Our objective was not only to provide our students with the wonderful STEM experiences at Space Camp, but also to look beyond just Space Science.

This meant travelling to many other relevant and interesting locations throughout the US, Washington, Florida, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Lucy understood our focus on STEM and made many suggestions of appropriate locations and institutions to visit and organised everything we needed. The students were dazzled by the vast areas in which STEM was a crucial component.

The large number of careers the students are now considering is a direct result of the variety of experiences that they have had on their tour. Lucy has a detailed understanding of the needs of school groups and provides outstanding support and assistance with all aspects of organisation, from risk management and seating on flights to dealing with the paperwork for Space Camp.

She works directly with staff and parents to ensure that any questions are addressed quickly and efficiently. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Lucy has a great deal of experience and knows exactly what has to be done to ensure a safe and trouble free experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Edu School Tours as an outstanding service provider.

Dean of Science (Victoria)

The NASA trip is definitely not only going to be a highlight of my high school experience but of my life. Even after the long trip, the busy schedule kept you on your feet and I loved it. Everyday was something new, everyday was a new experience that I will remember for life. I made strong bonds and friendships with my fellow classmates and made new friends when we were at space camp. I am so glad that I was able to have such a wonderful opportunity.
Student (Western Australia)

The NASA tour gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. Across all 3 locations we learned about the history of space exploration across the world, learned new techniques and skills and applied these in activities such as SCUBA diving, simulated missions, rocket and rover building and testing and many more.

Highlights include the Smithsonian museums in Washington, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Centre, and viewing the launch of the Space X Falcon 9 rocket.

Student (Western Australia)

The NASA tour was a great experience! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it over the two week period. I learnt huge amount about space and saw sights I wouldn’t have even dreamt of seeing otherwise. The highlight of the tour for me was Space Camp.

The challenging tasks really made us think deeply and I enjoy the set backs that were thrown at us and working through these.

I would recommend this tour to anyone with a passion for science or just learning in general!

Student (Western Australia)

The NASA Tour was an incredible experience that I am honoured to have been a part of. Highlights included Universal Studios Florida, which was a fun activity to kick off the tour. The Space Camp itself was the biggest highlight as it was engaging and entertaining, but we all learned new information. Overall, the tour was a memorable immersion in the cultural life of another country and an amazing learning experience.
Student (Western Australia)

The tour was a great experience, lots of fun and learned so much about the physics and engineering that goes into space travel.

My personal highlight was the Newseum, seeing how America culturally responds to worldwide events. Overall the trip was a memorable trip that taught us so much about American culture and science.

Student (Western Australia)

The NASA tour was more than going to America, we lived it, we learnt amongst Americans and other cultures and had a life changing experience. “If you get a job, no matter what it is you do it, you do it well”. We flew shuttle simulators and did 3hour Mars missions, went scuba diving, went to actually malls, went to universal studios and had fun with mates in many hotels.
Student (Western Australia)

The NASA tour is the most rewarding tour I believe, the school offers. Highlights include the indoor skydiving -and exhilarating experience, the scuba diving – a very weird low gravity experience, playing basketball with bowling balls etc.

I recommend the tour to anyone who loves science to any degree. The NASA tour couldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Mr Priskich and all the other teachers who came.

Student (Western Australia)

Thank you for all the teachers that made this tour possible, it was truly a once in a lifetime experience from which I have gained many lifelong memories. This tour has been my highlight of high school so far as we got to go to so many significant sites, such as The White House. I had so many highlights from this trip that I found it so difficult to answer my friends when they said, “What was your favourite thing?’

Space Camp was an amazing experience where we had to work as a team with people all over the world to participate in activities. Thank you so much for all that were involved, the trip wouldn’t of been as fantastic without you.

Student (Western Australia)

The NASA tour was one of the greatest experiences in my time at school. We had the time of our lives in one of the most extravagant countries in the world. We learnt so much together and bonded so much along the way that not only did we come home having learned and experienced amazing things, but we have the memories of sharing such an unforgettable trip with some of our closest friends.
Student (Western Australia)

Space camp was amazing! It was full of activities ranging from rocket building to learning Russian and everyday we went to multiple lectures on all sorts of interesting topics based around astronomy and space travel. The best part about space camp was the simulated missions, they were both stressful and fun at the same time because it felt so real. Our trip to space camp was the most fun I’ve ever had, the experience I’ve had there will surely not be forgotten.
Student (Western Australia)

America was such a unique and amazing experience. We did everything from a mission to mars to going to Universal studios. The trip helped us develop skills we never would have developed in school and allowed us to meet people from different cultures. I have never done anything like it and would definitely recommend it to all students in the future.
Student (Western Australia)

The NASA Tour is the greatest trip I have ever gone on and a probably will be forever. I made many friends with the other students, and many memorable and embarrassing memories. I am very grateful to have gone on such an amazing tour with such amazing people.
Student (Western Australia)

I found NASA was a fun and education experience giving us insight on not just space science but also aviation in some ways. Having a look at the brief history of space and how we got to the moon and back shows us how far we have come and how far we can go. This trip is a once in a lifetime experience.
Student (Western Australia)

The NASA tour is an amazing tour. When you arrive in Orlando you get an opportunity to explore the amazing Universal studios, you then get to go skydiving indoors and then go on a boat ride through the beautiful everglades. After this you travel to Alabama and stay at space camp for 5 days, here you learn lots about America’s space missions and you also get to do some awesome activities such as scuba diving and more theme park rides. Finally you travel to Washington and get to go sightseeing, you go to see multiple Smithsonian Museums and also the Whitehouse and Washington monuments.
Student (Western Australia)

The NASA tour was an amazing trip and it has changed my life in many more ways than one, I will remember this tour forever. My favourite part would have been the simulated missions at space camp, simulating an STS mission was incredible and if I could I would definitely do it again.
Dylan F (Year 10)

Lucy Fenwick and her team make it their top priority to make sure your group has a positive and stress free International travel experience. The support begins months before you travel, with information nights for students and parents, international travel documents explained and guidelines for packing provided. As the countdown to your travel date continues, information is provided by Edu School Tours in a timely manner, always with helpful explanation.

The final few days before leaving can be hectic as last minute issues arise. Edu School Tours was available 24/7 to smooth uncertainty and give guidance. The travel experience itself was educational, inspirational and amazing. As issues arose during the trip, Edu School tours were there every step along the way. Even lost passports were located following their advice.

I highly recommend Lucy and her team at Edu School tours to tailor a stress free educational travel experience for your school community.

Head of eLearning (Victoria)

What an extraordinary way to spend term break holidays! No textbook or family holiday could have provided Ben the enormous learning experience of the last 2 weeks! Learning to be independent – checking in at the airport/customs, dealing with luggage delays, budgeting finances, experiencing self-guided activities, visiting fascinating, exciting and beautiful locations, meeting new people from various cultures and countries and hearing amazing stories of space missions, space facts and experiencing extraordinary simulator exercises!!

The meticulous preparation, research and organisation of Bialik’s first USA Space Camp Tour by Lucy at Edu School Tours and the dedication, diligence and extraordinary efforts and hard work of the accompanying teachers made it all happen. The warmth, support and knowledge of Malcom and Chaniece at USA Space Camp and of course, the camaraderie and exemplary behaviour of the attending students was outstanding! So THANK YOU to all involved for creating the opportunity of a lifetime!! Ben relished every moment. He will have many happy memories and stories to share for years to come.

Parent (Victoria)

Thank you for creating a wonderful experience for our children. These memories will stay with them for the rest of their life and the friendships they have forged in this journey. Thank you to your team of carers who “surrogated” and mentored our kids during this trip. The priceless input from other adults is a gift from mankind, and the learning experience of living and caring for each other in the team, can only enrich their lives as fellow human beings. This journey seems to be filled with lots of “first” time experiences and observations. In fact their sharing is only the tip of the “iceberg” in the richness that has deposited into their memory cells of their student hood. On behalf of my family, and most of the families in this mailing list, thank you and thank you for enriching the students. That Perth Modern School has provided this unique learning experience is a great extracurricular activity.

Parent (Western Australia)

I am writing to simply say “Thank you” for all the amazing work you have done over the last three weeks on tour (and the many months of planning beforehand). Thomas has had the trip of a lifetime. He talked for three hours solid after we met him at the airport (and then finally crashed!). It was a joy as a parent to see that this had been such a worthwhile tour for him to take on so many different levels. And I really wanted you to know that he had the highest praise for all the staff on tour – “The teachers were all absolutely brilliant!”.

Your efforts over the entire trip (and especially the last couple of days) are very greatly appreciated.

Parent (Western Australia)

Just wanted to send through a quick email to say Thank You! Olivia had the most amazing trip and has arrived home enthused, confident and with her eyes wide open. She has a new appreciation for what she has achieved and what she can achieve in the future.

Such a positive experience for her, and I’m truly grateful for all the time and effort that went into the planning and delivery of such an amazing experience. Thank You!

Parent (Victoria)

The trip was very well organised. It was very enjoyable; all of the places that we stayed at were very good. There was plenty of time for all the activities that were planned…. There was nothing bad about the trip in all. Thanks for organising such a great trip.
Student (Victoria)

So much fun, a fantastic opportunity… Space camp was awesome, the people were really energetic and friendly…Washington D.C. was fantastic and the bus tour was really helpful for travel and information. All of the hotels were really good, they were comfortable and had good food. All in all a well organised trip of a lifetime.
Student (Victoria)

10 out of 10. An awesome experience!
Student (Victoria)

I have had the pleasure of working with Lucy Fenwick since 2006 in her capacity as a group tour coordinator. Lucy has been our corodinator of choice for the four Science Space Camps that have been organised for the students and staff of East Doncaster Secondary College.

This year our twenty four students and three staff will be joined by other students and staff from Doncaster Secondary College. Since the first tour in 2007 to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama and Kennedy Space Centre in Orlando, Florida, we have expanded the itinerary to include a stopover in San Francisco. The planning and on-going support provided by Lucy has always been very professional and absolutely reliable. Lucy has also had personal experience in accompanying staff and a large cohort of students to ensure that the tour runs as smoothly as possible. Lucy works closely with the staff and is involved from the very beginning to assist with all the details of the tour reparation.

Assuring the parents and school community that all of our planning meets Department of Education guidelines is paramount in our decision to continue our working relationship with Lucy. In the time that I have been involved with Lucy in organising Space Camp Tours to Huntsville other schools have contacted me as a referral.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lucy as the best group travel coordinator in organising tours to Space Camp. I can also recommend for her invaluable assistance in my own personal travel needs.​

Head of Maths (Victoria)

On behalf of the tour team that recently went to Boston, New York, Washington, Orlando and Huntsville (Space Camp) can I extend a massive thank you. Your professionalism, from the outset, made the experience one to remember on so many levels.

As the School Tour Organiser, you made the task of taking 38 students and staff across the other side of the world manageable (and even enjoyable) with your step-by-step support.​ Whilst on tour, your continued support ensured that the needs of the whole group were continually catered for. As tour staff, this ensured we were able to focus our energies on the students, their welfare and more importantly, their happiness on what was a wonderful experience. Your attention to detail, prompt responses, open communication style and support were faultless. All of your work ensured that we all had a once in a lifetime experience.

The students were overwhelmed with their experience which was made all the more possible due to your tireless contributions.

Associate Principal (Western Australia)

Lucy, you were superb! What I really appreciated was that you would answer all my queries and worries with such patience, efficiency and cheerfulness whether over the phone or email and even outside official working hours, given the time difference. You were such a help during the dreaded US visa application. The kids has such a memorable time, everything was so well planned and all the travelling even with flight connections went well. Your expertise was invaluable during that emergency in Boston. I’d recommend your tours highly to anyone.
Parent (Western Australia)

The Space Camp trip to the US was all handled with the minimum of effort on our part (which is how we like it) and maximum effort on your part from start to finish and by all accounts our son had a marvellous time… he is slowly feeding us information about all the incredible things that he did on the trip and how much he learned.

Thank you for providing him with such a wonderful and smooth running experience.

Parent (Western Australia)