Safety & Security

Edu School Tours has over 15 years’ experience in educational travel.  Our understanding and commitment to safety while touring is our major priority.

Edu School Tours has highly competent and experienced support staff in each tour city, who are there to assist teachers with day to day organisation of the tour, recommendations for eating, shopping and activities. You will have a guide in each city who is available to you for the entire duration (if you require), or only as and when you need assistance (if you prefer). Our support staff work for Edu School Tours and are not outsourced by third party companies.

All schools receive a USA Sim Card with their own personal USA phone number provided by AT&T to use for the duration of the tour to contact support staff, accommodation, restaurants, guides or sightseeing organisations.

Edu School Tours consults for travel advisories and general advice, and monitor safety levels for travel to the country of travel.

All groups must have full comprehensive travel insurance. Insurance for students and teachers are the responsibility of the school. The travel insurance should be provided by the school or the relevant governing body.

Airlines to their best to keep groups seated together. However, we cannot guarantee all passengers will be seated together on all flights. It is not within our power to put students seated with friends. Frequent Flyer Membership profiles and aircraft changes may also effect seating allocation.